Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Letters to our Daughters - April 15, 2014

Dear E,

I know I haven't been the best mom these last few weeks.  And that you have been struggling with the upheaval of our house and the coming changes.  You never did like your "routine" messed with.  And trying to prep a house for a potential sale can certainly mess with your routine.

You really are handling it like a champ though.  You've been quite a bit less of a challenge than you could have been.  There are, however, a few things I'm noticing about you lately.

You are eccentric by nature.  You know what you like and you don't care what anyone else thinks about it.  You've taken to wearing halloween costumes anywhere and everywhere.  It was quite amusing to see the chuckles of the patrons at Chick-Fil-A as you sat eating your chicken nuggets in your lion costume.

You have this hideous (well, I think it's hideous anyway) Dora the Explorer dress that I can not get off of you.  You wore it for a week straight once and only managed to talk you out of it because it stunk so badly that it absolutely needed to be washed.

You have a very strong will.  I think this goes with knowing yourself and knowing exactly what you want.  It lead to quite a few battle of the wills lately as you've decided you don't need to take mommy or daddy's answer if it's contrary to what you think the answer should be.  We have found you several times hiding behind curtains, or in your tree house outside, munching on that snack we told you that you couldn't have.  Because it was too close to dinner.  You think time out is a joke and while you don't relish being in it, you don't seem to mind...

But you are compassionate, and seemed to be very concerned about Grandma Shirley's IV's when we went to visit her.  You really have a lot of love in your heart when you decide to show it.

And are helpful, again, when you want to be.  Sometimes your 'help' can be more of a hindrance than help...but we love the moments with you when you do chose to help.

Love you baby girl.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

[Kids were here] - April 2014

Because life is sometimes best remembered by what's left behind.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Insert creative title here...or maybe not

Well, hi there.

 I know it's been awhile since we've really chatted.  It's just that, there's not too much going on.  (Or maybe there's too much?)

It's another long, cold winter.  I think we all are starting to feel the cabin fever.  We bake a lot of cookies (and eat them too.  We are going to regret that.) 

 E spends a lot of time at school.  And A spends a lot of time missing her.  

But he does like the time hanging with daddy.  And even some odd lunch dates with mommy.  But he sure can't wait to go to school himself.  (Slow down there buddy.)

A's language suddenly came in with a bang.  Overnight he started speaking in sentences and showing understanding of the relationship.  Last week, he saw a picture of a little boy on tv and said "Look, a boy like me!"

I think I about fell off the bed.

We also had to spend some more time sleep training...since mister thinks early mornings are appropriate.  And mommy and daddy just don't.  But like the smart boy he is, it only took a week and we are settling back into a better time to wake up.

A also has moved away from being as MUCH of a momma's boy as he was.  He does like his time with daddy just as much now.  I will admit to being a little sad of that.  As much as the clinginess bothered me when he was smaller, I sure did grow to love it as he got older.  Loved that he got so much comfort from me.  He has, however, decided that a kiss makes a booboo all better so regularly comes crying to me with some owie just for a kiss.  And sometimes he even makes up an owie just so he can give a kiss.

E is continuing to show her stubbornness and tenacity.  We seem to like to be in our room for time outs from our disinterest in listening.  In fact, just this morning, we had 3 time outs before 830.  I know we are going to be thankful for that stubbornness in a few years...but for now, it kills us.

Both kids are sick at the moment...and that means for some cranky, crabby moments.  For mommy and daddy as well who are exhausted from spring cleaning and possible upcoming renovations.

So we will leave you for now...Enjoy the rest of your winter and hopefully I'll be better at updating here again.

Take a bow....

Monday, March 3, 2014

[Kids Were Here] - March 2014

Because sometimes we want to remember the kids, not for their faces, but for the things they leave behind.  This post is attempting to capture some of those things.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Letters to our Daughters - February 17, 2014

Dear E,

It's been a rather eventful month.

But a long time coming.  I was so afraid to cut those curls.  I was so jealous of them.

But you hated having your hair brushed.  Or washed.  Or put in "pretty bows."  The ends were so tangled and dry and dead.

So we had to do something.

You now truly "look" like the "big" girl you are becoming.

PS...I love that you are hamming it up for the camera now.  You seem to be basking in the attention of being in front of the lens and that sure does make me happy lol.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

[Kids Were Here] - February 2014

You leave them alone for one second, and you come back to the contents of the fridge on the floor, the spice drawer emptied, the cookie jar decimated.

Or their signature lives forever on the end table.  And the couch.

You are stuck between inconsolable tears and uncontrollable laughter.  However did you do anything before these little destroyers entered your life?

But sometimes, what they leave behind only has one response.  That little smile that comes in at the proof of their personality.

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